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Art of the Possible

Organizations turn to GE Current, a Daintree Company, for state-of-the-art lighting technology and future-proof building systems that help realize the “art of the possible.” From improving the experience for employees and visitors to streamlining business operations to meeting energy-efficiency and sustainability goals, the right foundation can help organizations achieve their desired outcomes and reduce expenses.


LED lighting is the ideal basis for this network of sensors and controls. With a unique vantage point, ubiquitous placement and remote-control capabilities, LEDs help enable outcomes like cold chain management, people counting and wayfinding, space utilization, energy management and more. When you include sensors and controls in your LED light fixtures and bring it all together with a software platform, you create a digital ceiling that becomes part of the foundation for your smart building. Discover the possibilities that a partnership with Current can bring.







Project Haystack API: Endpoints


Light State Zone's on/off light state Zone
Light State Override Zone's lighting state override Zone
Light Intensity Zone's light level intensity (%) Zone
Light Intensity Override Zone's light intensity override Zone
Occupancy Zone' occupancy state Zone
Occupancy Device's occupancy state Device
Temperature Zone's temperature state Zone
Temperature Device's temperature state including cooler, freezer Device
Outside Temperature Outside device's temperature state Device
Duct Mixed Air Temperature Duct mixed air temperature state Device
Duct Supply Air Temperature Duct supply air temperature state Device
Duct Return Air Temperature Duct return air temperature state Device
Heat 1 State HVAC system's heating stage 1 is active Device
Heat 2 State HVAC system's heating stage 2 is active Device
Heat 3 State HVAC system's heating stage 3 is active Device
Cool 1 State HVAC system's cooling stage 1 is active Device
Cool 2 State HVAC system's cooling stage 2 is active Device
Fan State Fan state Device
Thermostat Temperature Thermostat temperature Zone
Cooling Setpoint Cooling setpoint Zone
Heating Setpoint Heating setpoint Zone
Cooling Setpoint Override Cooling setpoint override Zone
Heating Setpoint Override Heating setpoint override Zone
 >> POWER 
Supply Energy Supply energy Zone
Generic Demand Energy Generic demand energy Zone
Lighting Demand Energy Lighting demand energy Zone
Gas Heating Demand Energy Gas heating demand energy Zone
Electric Heating Demand Energy Electric heating demand energy Zone
Cooling Demand Energy Cooling demand energy Zone
Fan Demand Energy Fan demand energy Zone
Equipment Fault Status Zone's fault status. True if one of more devices in the zone has an equipment fault. Note: Only supported for a small subset of devices. equip
Equipment Communication Status Zone's communication's status. False if one or more devices in the zone has communication errors. equip
Gateway Communication Status A value of 'false' indicates that the gateway is disconnected from the IoT gateway cloud service. While a gateway is disconnected time-series events will be stored by the gateway until it can reconnect to the IoT gateway. gateway device
Gateway CPU Load The CPU load of the gateway. This event is published every 5 minutes. gateway device
People Count Zone's people count Zone