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Open on the Top and Open on the Bottom


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Current’s solutions are open on the top and open on the bottom, which means customers can integrate a variety of sensors on the bottom and create APIs to multiple software solutions on the top, opening the door for endless possibilities. Haystack APIs allow the Current platform to send data to a customized array of applications, allowing the business to focus on the information and outcomes that are most important to its bottom line.


With this framework, stakeholders across maintenance, real estate, HR and technology teams are able to reap the benefits of building and people data. Outcomes ranging from operational efficiency and space utilization to employee satisfaction, productivity and retention are enabled thanks to this agile, customizable system.

Project Haystack API: System Architecture

  • Haystack API Architecture Graphic


Project Haystack API: Overview

    • Open source, industry standard taxonomy tag model representing building system information
    • RESTful interface for exchanging tagged building IoT data
    • Multiple point requests (~250)
    • Unlimited endpoints in the roadmap
    • OAuth2 authentication framework (12 hour token)
    • Low-latency, near real-time data from sensor to endpoint (~30 seconds)
    • 3 mos historical data (Optional: up to 3 yrs)

Business Partnerships

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      Independent Software Vendors who provide solutions such as meeting room management, operational space utilization and planning, real-time alerts for customer assistance, proximity based marketing, and inventory management for commercial and industrial customers.
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      Have cloud based applications and want to consume Current data streams.
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      Access to real-time and near real-time data insights from a comprehensive sensor platform.
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      Channel to market across Current’s enterprise deals.
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      Dedicated resources for smooth and easy integration assistance.
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      Opportunity to influence our development cycles to create additional value and capability.